Steps On Downloading Torrents Anonymously

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Since achieving 100% anonymity has been difficult to achieve, taking a few extra steps in the process towards that can help attain it. A reliable VPN torrenting shields your activities from being snooped on whether by your IPS or outside persons wanting to follow your activities. A reliable combination of features on the Internet will make it impossible for people eavesdropping on your connection to monitor your activities. It will make it impossible for them to know your true IP, thus keeping you anonymous all the time. Thus it’s advisable to be as wise as possible; use both an anonymizing torrent service and an IP address protection tool when downloading and sharing torrents.

The steps are as follows:

Start your Anonymous Torrent VPN

 IP ADDRESSUsing a specialized torrent anonymizing service hides your IP completely. Although your ISP will still see the amount of data you are downloading, they won’t see what it is nor will they see that it is a torrent file. People outside will not be able to monitor your torrent activities. Using anonymous torrent is easy and can be paid for anonymously through Bitcoin

Start your IP Address Protection Tool

This is not a mandatory tool in downloading torrents. However, it is desirable because it helps prevent undesirable IP addresses from connecting to your computer. It is just an additional layer of protection to your privacy.

Confirm the IP address type being transmitted by your torrent app

It’s now time to start your torrent app. However, before you enter into actual downloading and sharing of materials, check the IP address being transmitted by your app. This will help you to confirm that your IP is indeed masked

Always stay anonymous when visiting torrent indexes and other sites related to torrents

People often get enthusiastic with the realization that finally they can access torrents. Don’t be overtaken by the enthusiasm at the expense of first ensuring that you visit any websites related to your torrent activities with your IP hidden. Don’t just concentrate on hiding your IP address, think about this also.

Time to download torrents anonymously

laptopNow you can start finding torrents and downloading them. This is the easiest step and the most enjoyable one. Your torrent VPN will be encrypting your connection and masking your true IP and your true IP address protection tool will be shielding you from undesirable elements. Use encryption tool to keep your torrent file downloads. Remember to clean traces of torrent activities from all your devices!