Reverb Pedals – 5 main types of reverb sounds

Choosing the best reverb pedal is purely subjective. Thus, no one can tell or predict what you are going to love or not. As such, you need to learn and know more about different types of reverb pedals and what value they add to your music. There are many factors to consider when looking for a new reverb pedal for your guitar. Of course, analog vs. digital would be a significant consideration. In our case, knowing the main types of reverb pedal and their significance is undoubtedly better for any buyer.

Types of reverb

Hall reverbmusic

As the name suggest, this type of reverb serves to emulate a concert hall. As such, it offers a prolonged reverb that lasts between 1 to 3 seconds. Ideally, the hall reverb is characterized by a series of audible early reflections. This is then followed by a full reverb body and a tail during the high end.

Room reverb

This is among the most basic form of reverb produced by reverb pedals. Ideally, the sounds produced in a room seems imperfect from a musical point of view. At times, some of this imperfections do sound great considering that rooms give a natural and lively flair to a sound. Thus, if you want a personal and natural type of music, room reverb pedals are a must have.

Chamber reverbs

This type of reverb is the ideal contrast of a hall reverb. Chamber reverbs are known to offer a short decay time which lasts anywhere between 0.4 and 1.2 seconds. As such, this results in clear and warm sounds. Chamber reverbs are mostly used in older versions of R&B and classic rock music. So, if you are looking for such a vibe, try chamber reverbs.

Plate reverb

This type of reverb bears close similarities to s sheet of metal hanging in a box. This seems to be more of an understatement. Ideally, this is a digital reverb that emulates analog echoes sent from a plate of metal. This reverbs are known to be full sounding and offer a smooth output at the same time.

Spring reverbs

soundsThis is another analog reverb that is emulated in digital verbs. They add a vintage character to any audio track they are used on. It produces fairly sharp sounds compared to other forms of reverbs. They are also preferred due to their inexpensive nature of producing reverberation effects.