Facts To Know About MIDI Controller Keyboards

Midi controllers play an integral part in music production. They are needed when playing software synths in the studio or during a live performance. However, as much you might be familiar with what these units can do, most people do not understand what these units are. Here are some questions that could help understand and buy the right MIDI controller for your home studio.

FAQs about midi controllers

What is a MIDI Controller?

A midi controller keyboard is a special music midi controller keyboardinstrument that is developed using a musical instrument digital interface (MIDI) technology. It is used to trigger or create sounds from multiple synthesizers and samplers. This technology gives the user the ability to drive virtual instruments in their laptop. To play or create interesting sounds, you only need a hard drive with many samples. From the samples, the controller helps you create or add key sounds to the gig.

How can I use a midi controller at home?

A MIDI controller is primarily meant for music production. With it, you record MIDI data as you monitor the sound for a particular synthesizer. Once you are done, you can switch to another synthesizer and repeat the process again. As this happens, the digital audio workstation (DAW) software helps you edit notes with some MIDI sequencing tools.

How many keys do I need?

The number of keys in a MIDI keyboard is one of those things that determines the quality of music you will be playing. The number of keys you need depends on your style of play and your experience. If you prefer one-handed synth leads, 25 keys might be enough. If you need a piano arrangement, 61, 76 and maybe 88 keys should be good for you. However, most people are comfortable with 49 keys as they are adequate for two-handed play and are also compact.

Should I Go for fully-weighted, semi-weighted, or synth-action keys?

pianoThese three terms describe how the keyboard responds to playing action. Full weighted keys require significantly more force to play. On the other hand, synth-action keys are the exact opposite of the fully weighted ones. Therefore, if fully weighted ones seem too heavy and synth action keys are too light, you should try semi-weighted ones.

A lot goes into the decision to buy a midi controller. You also need to look at the durability, number of controls, drivers and many other features. As a tip, you should start by looking at best midi controllers on the market in 2017 to learn more about some of the best brands in the market.…