General Information About Engrave Ink

Engrave Ink

Engrave ink is a bottle of tattoo ink created with the so ashes of a loved one. Getting a tEngrave inkattoo in memory of a loved one is a great way to remember them. Sometimes, giving flowers and thousands of words is not enough to describe how much you miss someone. Engrave ink is a great way to have a piece of someone you loved always with you. This tattoo pigment has been created from ashes and comes in both white and black colors. This ink has gone through all the necessary tests and proven safe to the body. Engrave ink is used for lining, highlighting and shading both gray and black pieces. The ink could also be used for washes in a color tattoo. Engrave Ink is unique as it has two separate manufacturers for their white and black ink. They ensure that the black ink is saturated and the white ink achieves the whitest white.

Preparing ashes for tattooing

After a body is cremated, the residual is more of sand like substance. You will need to lift the ashes to get rid of the larger particles. The finest particles are then mixed into the tattoo ink. At one can learn about  tattoo ink. There are various ways of grinding the ashes into a fine powder.

Why the use of engrave ink has become a common trend

Once a body is cremated, families wonder what to do with the ashes. Many end up storing the ash in a well-decorated jar and placing it in the living room or scattering the ash in the ocean. Adding a small amount of ash in the ink is a great commemorative idea. The ink is injected into the skin like a regular tattoo.

You carry around a piece of your loved one everywhere you go. You do not need to keep visiting their grave, and you can travel thousands of miles from home comfortably. Many people that opt to get commemorative tattoos have had other tattoos drawn on them before. The most common commemorative tattoo is having the name of the deceased tattooed.


making tattooCommemorative tattoos are an excellent way to remember a loved one. The trend is becoming more common as the stigma surrounding tattoos slowly diminishes over time. It is important to get this kind of a tattoo from an experienced tattoo artist. This is because they know just how to mix the right amount of the ink and give you the tattoo design. After all, the image you get sticks with for the rest of your life.…