Features of the best Metal Detector

Although, it can be hard to determine any one metal detector as the best of all. It is possible to know the features of the top metal detectors in order to choose the best for the required niche, whether it’s security, gold searching or anything else.

Depth indicator and Pin point mode

One feature that you will find in the most ideal metal detector will be a Depth Indicator. A depth indicator will show you on the screen how deep down the target is. Another feature is advanced pinpoint mode. This feature starts beeping from a distance when it detects metal and the closer you get to it, the higher the sound. These 2 features together are a must feature of the best metal detector to give you a basic idea about where the metal is.

Graphic Target ID with four-tone audio

head phoneA more important, though advanced feature is Graphic Target ID. This is severely important, as it can tell you what the target it. Whether It is gun or any other type of metal, this recently developed feature will make the closest possible guess to tell you what It is, before you have reached it. A four tone audio is often a complement to this feature.

Custom notching

Custom notching is another to add to the list. This feature has the ability to filter from piles of random metal, the metal you need! It will ignore all other metals and tell you if the metal you are searching for is present or not. This amazing feature is a must when you know you have to go through a warehouse of metal.

Ease of use and Sensitivity

A control box near handle, is another. This feature allows you to use all the settings with your thumb while holding the metal detector. So when you need to change the setting more frequently without much space to move the entire body, this will help you slip through time spaces and do your work.

Metal DetectorAdjustable shaft means that regardless of your height and arm length, you can adjust the detector according to your physique. This is important for the best detector because without it, the person who is doing the job will get tired too easily and the job will take much longer then otherwise.
Last but not the least, sensitivity settings, that help in adjusting against noise from background electrical field.…