Laptops Vs. Desktops

new laptop

It is true to say that desktop PCs offers many benefits that are absent in laptops. But with changing times, some technological developments have made newer computer models, laptops, preferable over old computer models. One of the main limitations offered by desktops is their lack of portability. In light of this, individuals and companies have turned to these desktop replacement laptops. Nowadays, the replacement of desktop with notebooks has become a trend.

Why Do People Prefer Laptops Over Desktops?

The reasons given for replacing a desktop are many. Here are common justifications given by people replacing their desktop computers with laptops.

Portabilitydesktop computer

As mentioned earlier, it is a lot easy and convenient to carry a laptop than a desktop. Carrying a monitor and its CPU plus other desktop essentials is not practical. This implies that when you are to make a presentation or work on some tasks from home, you need a lighter alternative; which in this case is a laptop.


There are times where privacy is essential. Maybe you want to restrict access to your computer for personal reasons. Whatever the reason, desktops do not give the privacy you’d get if you were to use a laptop. Thus, if the confidentiality of files in your computer remains to be a key concern, a laptop should always be your choice.


This benefit might have something to do with portability. Laptops require a fraction of the space utilized by desktops. As much as there might be smaller desktop units, laptops will always have the upper hand on this front. So replacing your desktop with a laptop will undoubtedly give some extra space that can be used for better things.

Cost Effective

man using a laptopTraditionally, laptops have always been considered more expensive than desktops. Things have since changed, and a laptop with similar features with a desktop might be much cheaper especially when looking for a computer with superior features. Also, maintaining a laptop is more affordable, especially when comparing the energy consumption amounts.


Laptops are easier to use than desktops, though arguably. Most laptop, especially the latest generations, have better LCD screens and more comfortable keyboards. This implies that laptop users are assured of having a good time while using their laptops, thus better productivity. Notwithstanding, the portable nature of a laptop makes multitasking easy; you can move with the laptop while watching your favorite TV shows.