Tips to Expand the Life of Your Smartphone


Nowadays, a smartphone is one of the things many people cannot afford to stay without even for a moment. Apart from communication, there is countless use of smartphones like accessing the internet and monitoring security for other devices. The average price of a smartphone has consistently gone up, and you might end up spending fortunes buying a good smartphone. There are ways you can extend the lifetime of your phone to avoid occasional upgrading and throughout the lifetime of your phone. Observing good practices when handling your phone can save you from spoiling the phone occasionally. Here are some tips you can follow to extend the life of your smartphone. 

Use Screen Protector

use screen protectorIt is easy to drop your phone as you go by your activities. This results in broken screens and dents that could be avoided if you use the screen protector. It is hard o use a phone when the screen is damaged, and you will have to repair it. Repairing your phone can cause further damages when the new screen is being installed, which shortens the phone’s lifetime even further. A screen protector is an unavoidable investment when you buy a smartphone to avoid a damaged screen.

Observe Best Charging Practices

observe the best charging practicesIt is common for smartphones to pop a message that power has been disconnected once it is full. The message may be comforting to leave your phone charging overnight. However, it is highly advisable to disconnect your phone from the charging system once recharging is complete without delays. It is essential to use its original charger to ensure power is appropriately regulated. On the other hand, leaving your phone to drain energy until it goes off also interferes with the battery’s lifetime. Overcharging or undercharging your phone reduces its ability to hold power. A poor battery can be inconvenient, and opting to upgrade is costly. 

Avoid Malware and Viruses

Smartphones have become the most used device to access the internet. This makes it prone to viruses on suspicious sites. You should check the warning that pops up anytime you are about to open an insecure site. You may also need to download apps on your phone, and ensuring that they have been screened can protect your phone from malfunctioning. Installing suspicious apps corrupts any information stored in your phone, and it is an added cost to fix the malware. You can always be alert from viruses and bugs by installing programs that can detect and clean viruses before they damage your phone. 


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