6 Simple Tips for Intergrating Technology in the Classroom


Using technology in your classroom can be a daunting task if you are just beginning. This is mostly because there are a lot of resources that make use of technology today. You have to get adapted to having your students come with laptops, smart devices and other technological devices in the classroom.

To get the best results when you apply technology, here are some tips that will enable you to integrate technology in the classroom in the most effective way.

  • workingEnsure only one device is used per group

To enhance efficiency, it is good to allow only one technological gadget is used within a group. This will help minimize the number of gadgets in your classroom. It is also advisable to do this so that you can minimize the gap that might exist between students who do do not have the technological gadgets. At times this will also enhance efficiency in the teaching process.

  • Offer timely and specific tasks

You need to give timely and specific duties to your students. This ensures that your students are always engaged with the technological device and understand why they are using it. Use of time limit also makes your students develop great time management skills when using the devices.

  • Require evidence

The task you give your students should produce results. They need to give a website result, a definition, research and make notes on their note books. Exit tickets are also a fast way to make assessment on what your students grasped in the research they undertake in the classroom.

  • Make sure you do perform thorough monitoring

Students require to be monitored in order to perform perfectly in the classroom. Just by knowing that you are monitoring what they are doing, they will focus on the tasks they are doing using the technological devices.

  • Set standards

You need to set standards on how the devices ought to be used from the beginning. In addition, you should also make the consequences of misuse of the devices clear to all students. If you allow the students to abuse the privilege of using the devices in the classroom, you are bound to fail in whatever teaching goals you have.


  • Be specific on technological gadgets to be used in the classroom

To avoid distraction and ensure there is harmony, it is good to be specific on the type of technological devices to be used in your classroom. There might be a lot of distractions or confusion if some students use laptops, others use tablets while others use computers. It is advisable to have same devices used in order to enhance efficiency.