Tips to Expand the Life of Your Smartphone

Nowadays, a smartphone is one of the things many people cannot afford to stay without even for a moment. Apart from communication, there is countless use of smartphones like accessing the internet and monitoring security for other devices. The average price of a smartphone has consistently gone up, and you might end up spending fortunes buying a good smartphone. There are ways you can extend the lifetime of your phone to avoid occasional upgrading and throughout the lifetime of your phone. Observing good practices when handling your phone can save you from spoiling the phone occasionally. Here are some tips you can follow to extend the life of your smartphone. 

Use Screen Protector

use screen protectorIt is easy to drop your phone as you go by your activities. This results in broken screens and dents that could be avoided if you use the screen protector. It is hard o use a phone when the screen is damaged, and you will have to repair it. Repairing your phone can cause further damages when the new screen is being installed, which shortens the phone’s lifetime even further. A screen protector is an unavoidable investment when you buy a smartphone to avoid a damaged screen.

Observe Best Charging Practices

observe the best charging practicesIt is common for smartphones to pop a message that power has been disconnected once it is full. The message may be comforting to leave your phone charging overnight. However, it is highly advisable to disconnect your phone from the charging system once recharging is complete without delays. It is essential to use its original charger to ensure power is appropriately regulated. On the other hand, leaving your phone to drain energy until it goes off also interferes with the battery’s lifetime. Overcharging or undercharging your phone reduces its ability to hold power. A poor battery can be inconvenient, and opting to upgrade is costly. 

Avoid Malware and Viruses

Smartphones have become the most used device to access the internet. This makes it prone to viruses on suspicious sites. You should check the warning that pops up anytime you are about to open an insecure site. You may also need to download apps on your phone, and ensuring that they have been screened can protect your phone from malfunctioning. Installing suspicious apps corrupts any information stored in your phone, and it is an added cost to fix the malware. You can always be alert from viruses and bugs by installing programs that can detect and clean viruses before they damage your phone. 


Buying a Laptop for the First Time? Here Are Some Things to Consider

A laptop is a portable or mobile computer that can be carried around with ease. It is among some of the popular devices in the tech world. You can carry this portable device when traveling or going to perform specific tasks. Laptops are more convenient and act as a perfect alternative to desktops because you don’t have to be at home to carry out certain tasks. You can also work from home efficiently, so you don’t have to worry about renting an office space.

There are so many types of laptops you will come across, some designed to perform specific tasks better.Apart from programming, students can also use laptops for their assignments and some research work. Laptops have access to the internet, and this makes it easy for them to carry out proper research for their studies.

These portable computers have also proved to be ideal for entertainment. This is because you can listen to music and also stream movies. Accessing various social networking sites is much easier using your laptop. Owning one makes it easy to communicate with other people from different parts of the world. Video calls are more effective on a laptop compared to your smartphone. You should look for a good laptop that will guarantee you quality service. Here is what to consider when buying one.


Look at the specifications of thenew laptop laptop you are buying. One essential feature to look out for when buying a laptop is its storage. Buy one with a bigger RAM. It would help if you also consider the processor of your laptop. Other features to look out for include battery life and screen size. This will help you get something that will offer quality service.


The brand of the laptop you are purchasing also matters. Some brands are known to produce the best and powerful laptops. Do your research to identify the best brand of laptop to buy if you want quality service.


It is also best if you consider the price of the laptop you want to buy. Having a budget before going out to make your purchase is essential. You can compare rates between different laptops that fall within your budget. This will help you get one with the right specs for your price. Put these factors into consideration to have an easy time buying your laptop.…

Laptops Vs. Desktops

It is true to say that desktop PCs offers many benefits that are absent in laptops. But with changing times, some technological developments have made newer computer models, laptops, preferable over old computer models. One of the main limitations offered by desktops is their lack of portability. In light of this, individuals and companies have turned to these desktop replacement laptops. Nowadays, the replacement of desktop with notebooks has become a trend.

Why Do People Prefer Laptops Over Desktops?

The reasons given for replacing a desktop are many. Here are common justifications given by people replacing their desktop computers with laptops.

Portabilitydesktop computer

As mentioned earlier, it is a lot easy and convenient to carry a laptop than a desktop. Carrying a monitor and its CPU plus other desktop essentials is not practical. This implies that when you are to make a presentation or work on some tasks from home, you need a lighter alternative; which in this case is a laptop.


There are times where privacy is essential. Maybe you want to restrict access to your computer for personal reasons. Whatever the reason, desktops do not give the privacy you’d get if you were to use a laptop. Thus, if the confidentiality of files in your computer remains to be a key concern, a laptop should always be your choice.


This benefit might have something to do with portability. Laptops require a fraction of the space utilized by desktops. As much as there might be smaller desktop units, laptops will always have the upper hand on this front. So replacing your desktop with a laptop will undoubtedly give some extra space that can be used for better things.

Cost Effective

man using a laptopTraditionally, laptops have always been considered more expensive than desktops. Things have since changed, and a laptop with similar features with a desktop might be much cheaper especially when looking for a computer with superior features. Also, maintaining a laptop is more affordable, especially when comparing the energy consumption amounts.


Laptops are easier to use than desktops, though arguably. Most laptop, especially the latest generations, have better LCD screens and more comfortable keyboards. This implies that laptop users are assured of having a good time while using their laptops, thus better productivity. Notwithstanding, the portable nature of a laptop makes multitasking easy; you can move with the laptop while watching your favorite TV shows.…

5 FAQ About Gaming Mice

There are two major types of gaming mice in the market. These include corded and wireless mice. From these two categories, wireless mice are regarded as technically superior considering that they feature recent technologies. There are different types of wireless mice available in the market. As such, depending n your gaming needs, you have to select the best one.

What is the best size of gaming mouse?gaming

Wireless mice are available in the market in different sizes, designs and models. Having a wireless mouse can be a great addition to your gaming collection. Notably, the main reason why the most season gamers prefer using the best wireless gaming mouse is that they are easy to use compared to the conventional gaming mice. Besides, they also make the gaming desk appear neat.

How are bluetooth mice different from USB ones?

Wireless mouse give the gamer added flexibility to move through multiple surfaces. The function of this type of mouse is similar to the USB mouse. The main difference between the USB mouse and the Bluetooth wireless is their nature of the operation. The Bluetooth wireless mouse works only if your computer or laptop has an inbuilt bluetooth feature (which is quite common today). Besides, a USB mouse uses the computers USB port to send commands.

Are there wireless mice with additional USB feature?

Some wireless mice also have an addition USB feature. This feature can be used for charging reasons or for ordinary gaming. It is an invaluable feature especially when the sensor is not functioning well or is completely damaged.

Are Wireless mice Compact?

A wireless mouse should be compact. As such, you can use it very comfortably without any problem. Wireless mice rely on some sensor to execute any gaming commands. The response rate and the ergonomics of the mouse chosen depend on the quality and manufacturer of this mouse.

What to wireless mice use?

Gaming mice used batteries as their sources of energy. Based on usage, you have to charge your wireless mouse periodically. However, investing in a top gaming mouse will reduce the charging frequency considering that most of these units have durable and long lasting batteries.

Can they be used for other functions?

Some wireless mice also come with a scroll function that allows you to surf the net and search for information quickly without giving you much trouble. When selecting this type of mouse you have to check the power and range of this kind of mouse and you also have to check out the features of the mouse that will increase your gaming experience. Also, you have to go for that Bluetooth wireless mouse in which you can easily find the left and the right keys without much trouble.…

5 Benefits Of GPS Feet Tracking Systems

It goes without saying that GPS systems play a vital role in fleet management. Businesses that rely on vehicles to deliver products and services to their clients can experience real financial benefits by adopting GPS fleet vehicle tracking systems. Moreover, the fleet tracking solutions will put you in the passenger’s seat of each vehicle in your fleet. Therefore, it is clear that the GPS vehicle tracking systems can bring numerous benefits to your fleet management operations. Hence, this shares top benefits of GPS fleet tracking systems.

Top Benefits

They Cut down fuel coststrucks

GPS fleet tracking systems can work to help significantly reduce fuel costs. Maintaining suitable speeds can relatively reduce the amount of fuel used by your automobiles. Hence, with the GPS tracking system, you will receive all information regarding speed and an alert message when your vehicle exceeds the speed threshold that you had set. Furthermore, it can help reduce the idling times of your drivers by alerting you when a vehicle idles longer a preset duration.

Improve asset recovery

Among the top benefits of GPS fleet tracking systems is that it improves asset recovery. Once one of your vehicles is reported stolen, you will get an instant update on the vehicle’s location. Hence, you can utilize that information to recover your vehicle as soon as you can Furthermore, the GPS fleet tracking system can allow you to disable your car’s starter remotely.

Boost driver safety

Your company’s image is at risk every time one of your drivers hits the road. Nonetheless, the fleet tracking systems have been designed to ensure improved driver safety. It is so because it holds drivers accountable for any mistakes on the road. Therefore, a fleet tracking system that puts into account driver scoring and draws more attention to any risky behaviors will help you in improving your fleet safety.

Reduced Insurance Costs

truck 2Among the leading benefits of GPS fleet tracking systems is the significant reduction of insurance costs. In most cases, some insurance companies offer up to thirty percent discount to any company that implements GPS fleet monitoring system. The GPS vehicle tracking system not only encourages safer driving but it also helps in the recovery process in case of theft.

Increase productivity

Needless to say, the productivity of your workers will be boosted if you can keep track of any unauthorized stops and lunch hours. Furthermore, it will help you evaluate the overtime requests of all your workers. When you are equipped with comprehensive information on the whereabouts of your vehicles, it will be far easier to monitor your employee activities.…

Tech Office Gadgets


Most of us spend a lot of time in our offices.

Hence, it will be extremely useful, if we can get hold of some gadgets which will improve our productivity.

Smart Pen:

You can try out the smart pens by Livescribe. It is extremely essential to make notes of all the important discussions in the office meetings. If you use a normal pen, you may miss out on some important points.

You can use the smartpen for recording everything. Even if you missed some points, you can always hear the audio later and write it down. Apart from recording, it can also convert your hand written notes into digital format, so that you can easily transfer it to your computer.


Sony has recently introduced a 4K projector. It is different when compared with the other projectors, and produces amazingly sharp and crisp pictures. It is also extremely sleek and the audio quality is as good as what we hear in movie halls.

Silent Mouse:

A silent mouse is an extremely handy office gadget. With so many people working together, the continuous sound of mouse clicks may get extremely annoying at times. A silent mouse on the other hand, will make sure that all the work gets done peacefully.

Tech Office GadgetsTreadmill Desk:

This is the latest gadget which has caught the attention of all the office goers. You can try out the treadmill desk by TrekDesk. Sitting on a desk for long hours may result in back pain and is not at all good for your health. A treadmill desk allows you to work while exercising.

The desk is quite large, and you easily keep your laptop and all the accessories over there. It also comes with cup holders, where you can keep your coffee or drinks.

USB Mail notifier:

This is also an extremely handy office gadget. It will first connect itself with your email and clients list. Whenever you receive a mail, it will alert you. It is extremely useful for those who deals with a large number of clients and always receive important mails.

Air Purifier Spy cam:Tech Office Gadgets 2

It works both as a air purifier and also a spy camera. It looks just like a normal air purifier and no one will be able to guess that it can also record things. You can just keep it on your desk when you are not there, and it will record all the happenings.

This is basically to make sure that no one uses your computer to get hold of some important data or steals something from your desk. It is slightly expensive, but it is totally worth the price.…