Steps On Downloading Torrents Anonymously

Since achieving 100% anonymity has been difficult to achieve, taking a few extra steps in the process towards that can help attain it. A reliable VPN torrenting shields your activities from being snooped on whether by your IPS or outside persons wanting to follow your activities. A reliable combination of features on the Internet will make it impossible for people eavesdropping on your connection to monitor your activities. It will make it impossible for them to know your true IP, thus keeping you anonymous all the time. Thus it’s advisable to be as wise as possible; use both an anonymizing torrent service and an IP address protection tool when downloading and sharing torrents.

The steps are as follows:

Start your Anonymous Torrent VPN

hjjhs87skjsaasUsing a specialized torrent anonymizing service hides your IP completely. Although your ISP will still see the amount of data you are downloading, they won’t see what it is nor will they see that it is a torrent file. People outside will not be able to monitor your torrent activities. Using anonymous torrent is easy and can be paid for anonymously through Bitcoin

Start your IP Address Protection Tool

This is not a mandatory tool in downloading torrents. However, it is desirable because it helps prevent undesirable IP addresses from connecting to your computer. It is just an additional layer of protection to your privacy.

Confirm the IP address type being transmitted by your torrent app

It’s now time to start your torrent app. However, before you enter into actual downloading and sharing of materials, check the IP address being transmitted by your app. This will help you to confirm that your IP is indeed masked

Always stay anonymous when visiting torrent indexes and other sites related to torrents

People often get enthusiastic with the realization that finally they can access torrents. Don’t be overtaken by the enthusiasm at the expense of first ensuring that you visit any websites related to your torrent activities with your IP hidden. Don’t just concentrate on hiding your IP address, think about this also.

Time to download torrents anonymously

hghgssau67ashasNow you can start finding torrents and downloading them. This is the easiest step and the most enjoyable one. Your torrent VPN will be encrypting your connection and masking your true IP and your true IP address protection tool will be shielding you from undesirable elements. Use encryption tool to keep your torrent file downloads. Remember to clean traces of torrent activities from all your devices!


Make your Online Shopping Worthwhile With GoDaddy coupons Online Deals

Godaddy is one the largest provider for web domain and hosting services, you are guaranteed to receive the best designs, necessary tools and the constant support from their staff for you to start your name on the web. When using godaddy hosting coupon present a variety of deals, promos and fantastic discounts to help you venture your personal website or make money online by starting a business domain you can work on.

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These coupons prove excellent marketing strategy for GoDaddy to have their products known to economic individuals who want to save money while at the same time, receive the finest quality of their services.mnvnbvnvn

And you don’t have to look anywhere to buy these coupons because GoDaddy deals are available online and can be bought from retail stores such as FatWallet, examiner, retail me not, etc. All you need to do to acquire these deals is clicking the coupon and opening the promo code which contains a unique set of letters and numbers. The payment will then deduct your chosen credit card or account.

GoDaddy deals grants you the discount at a reasonable rate and affordable prices never been offered before by other sites:

  • Whether you buy these deals online or offline, rest assured that the coupons you bought will surely land on your doorstep, and these codes are even sent for FREE.
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  • Ever heard of deals talk like Buy One, Get one free? Well, GoDaddy online deals follow this tactic. You purchased a single coupon, and you get items for free as a bonus.
  • And GoDaddy deals are accessible for every service they offered from using a domain name to hosting your website. You see, these deals are directed for the benefit of the user to start a website in which he can be proud of.

GoDaddy ofhfhgfhfhfhfnline deals are economical and promote money-saving incentives. These contracts are divided based on your personal schedule of renewal such as annually, monthly or even weekly. Special offers such as web domain and SSL certificates are also presented with prices ranging from $2.00-$500. You can see further details for shopping GoDaddy online deals here.

GoDaddy deals and promos have its monthly update of changing the coupons. Therefore, there is an expiry date for how long a coupon will last. Nevertheless, the single coupon grants discount bonanza for each deal thus, making your shopping online fun-filled and worthwhile.

Choosing The Best Smartwatch For 9 Year Old Child

Choosing The Best Smartwatch For 9 Year Old Child (2)

The very best smartwatch for A 9 year old child ought to be fun and possess numerous features and functionalities that can hone his or her intellect.

Additionally, it should also feature other critical functions such as multimedia functionalities, which will be able to let your kid to conveniently spark their innate creative streak.

We live in a digital world, where the younger generation needs to be fully acquainted with all technologies that are currently in the offing. This will allow them to access a fun, entertaining and deeply rewarding education.

Let us now take a closer look at some of the features you should be on the lookout for when choosing a smartwatch for a 9 year old child

  • Multimedia features

Choosing The Best Smartwatch For 9 Year Old Child (1)To begin with, an excellent smartwatch for children of this particular age ought to come with sufficient multimedia functions, which can easily stimulate creativity. Such a device should allow these kids to take photos and videos whenever they have the urge to do so.

It should also integrate fun effect that can be easily added to the multimedia content, which your child creates. This includes the addition of filters or even cool image or video effects.

  • Highly educational yet fun games

Secondly, an ideal smartwatch for a 9 year old kid should have exceptional learning games that can impart some vital general knowledge. This can include some moderately challenging mind games as well as entertaining musical games, which will be able to sharpen your child’s mind.

  • Fitness tracker functionalities

Thirdly, the very best smartwatch for this given age bracket, ought to have fitness tracking features that can motivate your child to incorporate a healthy lifestyle from a tender age. Ideally, such device should permit your kid to engage in active challenges to keep fit. While also enabling them to be able to set regular fitness targets (preferably on a daily basis), and earn points for achieving them.

Some of the most vital features on this particular score can include a reliably pedometer and even a sleep tracker. The latter of which can make sure that your kid accesses sufficient sleep each night.

  • Additional featuresChoosing The Best Smartwatch For 9 Year Old Child (1)

Finally, the very best smartwatch for 9 year old child should also come with extra functions that can assist your child in a wide variety of tasks. This includes a simplistic calculator, an alarm clock and even a voice recorder.

The last of which can easily allow them to interview others at will or even goof around with their voice. It should also be splash proof to let your kid play outdoors, without worrying about it been exposed to water or moisture.

Tech Office Gadgets

Tech Office Gadgets (2)

Most of us spend a lot of time in our offices.

Hence, it will be extremely useful, if we can get hold of some gadgets which will improve our productivity.

Smart Pen:

You can try out the smart pens by Livescribe. It is extremely essential to make notes of all the important discussions in the office meetings. If you use a normal pen, you may miss out on some important points.

You can use the smartpen for recording everything. Even if you missed some points, you can always hear the audio later and write it down. Apart from recording, it can also convert your hand written notes into digital format, so that you can easily transfer it to your computer.


Sony has recently introduced a 4K projector. It is different when compared with the other projectors, and produces amazingly sharp and crisp pictures. It is also extremely sleek and the audio quality is as good as what we hear in movie halls.

Silent Mouse:

A silent mouse is an extremely handy office gadget. With so many people working together, the continuous sound of mouse clicks may get extremely annoying at times. A silent mouse on the other hand, will make sure that all the work gets done peacefully.

Tech Office Gadgets (3)Treadmill Desk:

This is the latest gadget which has caught the attention of all the office goers. You can try out the treadmill desk by TrekDesk. Sitting on a desk for long hours may result in back pain and is not at all good for your health. A treadmill desk allows you to work while exercising.

The desk is quite large, and you easily keep your laptop and all the accessories over there. It also comes with cup holders, where you can keep your coffee or drinks.

USB Mail notifier:

This is also an extremely handy office gadget. It will first connect itself with your email and clients list. Whenever you receive a mail, it will alert you. It is extremely useful for those who deals with a large number of clients and always receive important mails.

Air Purifier Spy cam:Tech Office Gadgets (1)

It works both as a air purifier and also a spy camera. It looks just like a normal air purifier and no one will be able to guess that it can also record things. You can just keep it on your desk when you are not there, and it will record all the happenings.

This is basically to make sure that no one uses your computer to get hold of some important data or steals something from your desk. It is slightly expensive, but it is totally worth the price.